Tuesday 10 January 2023

The Struggle of Going Nowhere

“The Struggle of Going Nowhere” 

is the second book of 

“poems from the path to spiritual awakening.”

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Some selected poems from the book:


Sweet music in my ears,

constant interruptions by the mind. 

Everything goes silent,

but if you’re with me, you can still hear my music.


I’m a jigsaw puzzle with plenty of missing pieces. 

But it doesn’t matter anymore.

The jigsaw puzzle is still an illusion.

All pieces, no pieces, or half of them missing, 

what does it matter when it’s all an illusion.

It might help to find all the right pieces,

but then what?

I still have to wake up.

It’s all a dream,

masterly put together.


Complicated world, 

complicated words.

The best way to communicate is silence, 

but even silence can be misunderstood. 

I stand here saying nothing.

Why can’t you understand my silence? 

I’m standing here screaming my head off, 

but no sound is coming out.

I have to accept that no one can hear me. 

I’m invisible, I’m soundless. 

Within my world,

and only within my world do I exist, 

but out here, no one can see me,

no one can hear me.

I’m the only one here, 

screaming my head off,

in the most beautiful, silent sound.

Loud am I,

when nothing can be heard.

Silence is my language till everyone learns to hear. 

Listen and feel the silence within you, 

without you.


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